November 18, 2016

My Dear Friends,

I give thanks to God for you and for the ministry we share. You are a blessing for me, for each other, to this community, and especially to God! In these past months I have come to love and cherish you. I’ve learned from you.  And I have enjoyed living here.

I’m writing this letter to let you know that, for the advancement of our shared mission, the bishop and cabinet asked me to consider a particular appointment where they needed someone with my skill set, and I said “yes.” So in January I will be moving to another appointment. One of the attractive things about this move for me personally is that gives me the opportunity to share my gifts and training with yet another congregation.

Larry Bauman, our district superintendent, has met with the Staff Parish Relations Committee to consult about future leadership. Meanwhile, I invite you to pray for your next pastor and for the church in this transition time. Your next pastor will bring a new set of gifts to bless your shared ministry. I believe that you will have a fruitful partnership together!

Please do me the honor of welcoming your new pastor into your lives as you so graciously did for me!  Weddings, funerals and baptisms are wonderful bonding times for families and pastors, so I encourage you let your new pastor truly be your pastor. Meanwhile, I will hold you in my heart, even as I serve elsewhere as pastor, for you will always be my sisters and brothers in Christ.

Let’s make the most of the remaining time that we still have together. There is much to do and prepare, as we walk toward a future rooted in hope.

 Dr. Marvin J. Hudson

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