OPEN MIC LIVE! June 5 at 6 p.m.


OPEN MIC LIVE will be an evening event in June and July featuring snacks, games, and entertainment! Enjoy the cool and have a fun time. Plan on coming out, joining in, and meet the neighbors!!

 Sign up to step up to the microphone

  • singers
  • storytellers
  • budding magicians
  • joke tellers
  • instrumentalists
  • dancers
  • twirlers
  • and more!

The Rules:
Entertainment choices do not need to be religious, but all must be clean, family friendly selections under 5 minutes. 

  • Pre-register to insure your spot
  • Come prepared to perform for one (1) 5 minute or less time slot. If there is enough time after all have preformed encores may be allowed.
  • All content (words, music, and actions) must be family friendly!
  • The event is an alcohol, drug, drink and violence free zone.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult


  • The goal is to host two summer events
  • There will be tables set up with games
  • Light snacks will be available
  • There will be a stage and performance space
  • There will be sound.
  • The Fellowship Hall is downstairs but there is an elevator for ease of access of equipment or for those physically challenged.

To Sign Up: 

Fellowship Center or Parking Lot (depends on weather)
Barnard Memorial UMC, 8th & Gulf
Holdenville, Oklahoma

Church Lunch is a Fundraiser for the Middle School Youth Afterschool Program

At noon, Sunday April 24, 2016, a delicious meal prepared and served by our middle school youth and their leaders, will be available.  Donations for the meal will go to providing special activities, trips, resources, and extras to this program.

Every Wednesday at 5 p.m. during the school year there is a program of hot meal, Bible lessons, learning and fun games/activities for those in Middle School in Holdenville.

This fun program will continue during the summer for some added 'sizzle'!!  To learn more or how to become involved contact the church office and they will put you in touch with the leaders.


"I Have Decided..."

We pray that you have made that decision to 'follow Jesus' and if you would like to learn how we invite you to come and be part of  others who have decided to follow Jesus.  We are not perfect but we are following...learning...growing...



The Church Historian and the Lay Servants of BMUMC will be presenting a program weaving the history of the local church across the decades into songs, lessons, readings, and sermon.  Look for photo displays,
costumes, and a lot more!

The two branches of Methodism converged within months of each other in Holdenville. The Methodist Episcopal Church South was established here by a real 'circuit riding preacher'.  Not as much is known about the pioneer pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church (North).


Established 1896
Prior to 1939 American Methodism was segmented into three main branches based on differences in points of doctrine or social issues. These were the Methodist Episcopal Church (ME), The Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MES) and The Methodist Protestant (MP). In eastern Oklahoma Methodist work had been going on since the 1840’s among the various tribal groups and many of the early Native American leaders were Methodist ministers.

ME -According to Turner’s History of the Methodist Church in Holdenville, 1897-1952, the first church organized in Holdenville was the Methodist Episcopal (1896-1910). A retrospective article in the Holdenville Times of Jan.23,1903 indicated that in March of 1896 they first met in the Choctaw Depot in service with a Rev. King or Fling. They were formally organized in the same place a year later with a Rev. Woodson. Charter members were listed as wife and daughter of J. Smith, Mrs. Joe Northrup, Mrs. Frank Lowe, and Mrs. D. Lowe.

A wooden frame building on East 8th Street was dedicated in February of 1897 as the Methodist Episcopal Church of Holdenville. In 1913, the building was sold to the Episcopal Church as the Methodist Episcopal Church withdrew its work in Holdenville due to a larger retrenchment in the region.

MES - J.L. Adair, charter member, bought on behalf of the MES two city lots from one John Jacobs on 25 September 1897, indicating church formation and building followed each other closely. The church formed in the spring of that year south of town and then moved into Holdenville.

A 1900 list identifies the following as charter members: Mr. James L. Adair, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Henderson (who together owned the Commercial Hotel and he was the 5th mayor holding office in 1903); Mrs. Robert (Ida Barnard) McFarlin, Mrs. W.J. Red, Mrs. Thomas E.(Laura Larue) Neal, Mrs. C.W. Polk. Other “possible” charter members were Mr. / Mrs. C.M. Alten (Allen), Mrs. Tom Scale, Mrs. George B. Roderich, and Mrs. H.H. Holman. In 1906, Robert McFarlin joined after a revival meeting with Abe Mulkey. He served on the Board of Trustees in 1910. The original church name had been Hester Methodist Church, for a well-known lay couple in the region. In the late 1920’s the church name, “Barnard Memorial United Methodist Church”, emerged from the supportive presence of the McFarlan’s as members and friends of the Methodist work in Holdenville and the region.

Holdenville (MES) is mentioned in the 1st Minutes of the 1897 (November) Conference. The Rev. A.S.J. Haygood was assigned to supply the ministry in the region. A real ‘circuit rider’ he also established works at Atwood, Wetumka, and elsewhere. Since some records of activity pre-date this conference, it may be inferred the conference served to ratify an ongoing ministry plan in the area. A retrospective article in the Holdenville Times of Dec. 14, 1906 indicates the church was organized in the spring of 1897 by Haygood three miles south of town. In the fall they moved into the town with eight members. The church dedicated a building in May of 1906 under the leadership of Pastor Rev. E.L. Massey.

The so-called Methodist Episcopal North would come back into the area in 1921. They attempted to found a new work but struggled. In 1923, however, the two Methodist pastors creatively and proactively united, reflecting groundswell innovation and desire not to be reflected in denominational structures until the merger of 1939.

With that merger, the history of all the Methodist work in Holdenville became the cherished history of Barnard Memorial.
First Building

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Church Historian: Remembering the past and inspiring the future. Guidelines series. United Methodist General Commission and Archives and History. 2012
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Turner N.M.(Mrs. John E. Turner). History of the Methodist Church in Holdenville, 1897-1952.

THROUGH THE ROSE WINDOW: The Original Optimist Club

The Rose Window, facing west, is one of the most distinctive features of BMUMC. 

The Original Optimist Club
Most of us grew up hearing about the various civic service organizations of our American communities.  Jaycees, Lions, Rotary, and others were all familiar names on signage at the entrance to many of our towns.  Often, we were not fully certain what these groups did, but they were a part of the fabric of our lives and somehow a reassuring part of the normal order.  

One of the groups that I was always fascinated with was the “Optimists” civic group.  I confess that I knew little about them, but what a great name.  It suggested to me, in early years, a group of individuals who got together on a regular basis to share their optimism with one another.  Could it be better than that?  I suspect that there is more to it than that rather na├»ve thought.  I do however still imagine that in their choice of a name, they reflect a creedal commitment to a philosophical viewpoint. They are committed to approaching the issues of community from an optimistic stance. Someone may correct me on that, but that is somewhat beside the point.  

I really want to point to what I think was the original optimist club.

The attitude of the early church was that Christ had provided for something wonderful as a response to the reality of life.  Through Christ, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, and freedom were now a present reality for “Whosoever will”. This optimism radiated within every message shared by the Apostles.  Peter offered the hope of salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit to anyone who wished it on the day of Pentecost. Paul and Silas were so optimistic that they could sing hymns at midnight while chained in a jail cell.  Paul could optimistically declare “Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.” He could also affirm, “Whatever may be the promises of God to us, in Jesus they already have their yes.”  

I am thinking that we could use a dose of that kind of optimism right now. In this time when it seems a moribund miasma surrounds us in our society.  What a gift to be optimistic when we are tempted to believe that everything is in some kind of mortal decline.  

Is it possible that in such a time as this, we may benefit from hearing the assurance of our faith once again that no matter what; our Lord will never “Leave us nor forsake us?”  

I suspect so.  I encourage you to be of good cheer. Trust in God because God is faithful!  Be an Optimist!

Peace, Dr. Marvin J. Hudson

Annual UMW Spring Luncheon May 5th (UPDATED)

The spring luncheon is a long-standing tradition and generates funds for all the worthy causes the local church women and community women support in Holdenville, the state, and around the world.

The cost for this luncheon is $8.00 per adult person, children (6-11) $4.00, and pre-school age FREE. The event is open to the community. 

Take out orders are available and delivery. Order these by 10 a.m. at 405-379-2439

Enjoy the delicious, tasty, and tempting dishes created by local women and have a fund time!

Community women are encouraged to consider becoming part of the BMUMC United Methodist Women. Membership is open to any woman and membership in the UMC is not required. Have fun, grow in faith and act in hope through the UMW.    

Join them the next week for their regular meeting to be held at the Holdenville Art Gallery on May 12, 2016 at 11:45 a.m. It is hosted by Billye Treadwell and JoDawna Smith with program brought by Meryl Johnson.