Join the community of Holdenville and Barnard Memorial United Methodist Church for a special 'Multisensory Stations of the Cross', Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  

This inspirational journey will follow Jesus Christ on the way to his crucifixion and his resurrection through a series of paintings and items to touch.  

Each "station" will feature an image and opportunity to appreciate the art, learn about the scriptures related to the image, and experience the story in a new and intimate manner.

There will be a total of seven major paintings:

THE BETRAYAL OF CHRIST.  Artist: Marie Russell, Oil
This brightly colored work is a representation of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane prior to his betrayal.  At the foot of the picture are Peter, James and John asleep.  The bright light is signifying that God’s Spirit is shining on Jesus and that He is not alone even though his prayer is one of distress and loneliness. 

Her we see Jesus before Pilate with his hands bound and a crown of thorns on his head, being led away by the Roman soldiers to the Praetorium. In the background is Pilate, who is washing his hands of Jesus’ death, laying total blame on the Jews. 

THE HUMILIATION OF CHRIST. Artist: Ruth Esther Pound, Acrylics
Following the conviction by Pilate, Jesus was then taken to the Praetorium which was like the guardhouse of the Roman Legions. Here the soldiers put a crown of thorns on his head, a rod in his hand and placed purple and scarlet robes on his body and humiliated him as a mock king.  After this, he was beaten and ridiculed to total humiliation.
JESUS CARRYING THE CROSS.   Artist: Agnes Gille, Oil
Christ carrying his cross through the streets of Jerusalem to the outer city limits to the hill called Golgotha. Notice the detail of the stonework and how the artist has so vividly reconstructed the streets of Jerusalem. 

THE EXECUTION OF CHRIST.  Artist: Yvonne Huser, Oil
Notice that the Christ image is small but central to the picture, and her picture is a statement about the nature of the world and accentuates the sin in the world. Jesus was crucified on the hill called Golgotha which means ‘The Skull.  The artist has used the skull to symbolize that at the end even the skill is tearful because death knows that it cannot keep Jesus long. Note to the left of Jesus is the thief who repented and asked Jesus for forgiveness.  Notice there is green grass growing at the base of the foot of the crosses of the thief and Jesus. The light shining on the thief signifies that all is not lost for him.  In contrast on the background on the right side hangs the other thief who is doomed to perdition because of his ridicule of the Christ.  The sky seems to be a swirling mass of energy as the earth quakes and the thunder and the eclipse of the sun all tell the significance of this event. 

THE DEATH OF JESUS.   Artist: Myrtle Covington, Oil
Here is a traditional picture that visually describes the humanness of Christ. Notice the accent on the blood of Jesus which washed away the sins of the world.  Christ here is the central figure, nearly as large as the entire canvas. Whereas the previous picture depicted the sin of the world, here the artist accentuates the love of God in this event.  Jesus’ raised hands signify his complete surrender to God’s will. Jesus bows His head and says, “It is finished.”

THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. Artist: Jerry Smith, Oil [Shown in the Illustration above]

This image is filled with symbolism as it tells the story of the Resurrection. Notice how the artist had embodied both the empty tomb and the balance between the spiritual and the physical resurrection of Jesus. In the background at the base of the cross, the sun rises on Easter morning and colors the sky in pastel layers.  Jesus’ left hand is formed into the symbol used by the Pope of the ancient church as he gives the blessing to the people. His symbol of symbol of God’s peace was always two fingers up and the thumb extended.  Jesus’ right hand forms a symbol used in the International Language of the Deaf to say, “I Love You”.  Notice the arch at the top. In Renaissance drawings the arch at the top always indicated the thin line between the temporal existence of the earth and the eternal purpose of God’s Son in heaven. Jesus is on the border of eternity. Above the arch are the heavens symbolized by the dark sky and stars. Notice also the strength on Jesus’s face and the confidence that He has conquered death in the name of God the Father.

In addition to these art works there will be other art, sculptures, objects, and information about the scriptures and artists will be available in a small flyer.  People are encouraged to come and tour the art as wonderful examples of Christian art by local artists, contemplate the scriptures that inspired them, and remember the meaning in this sacred week as it charts the last days of Jesus on his journey to the Cross. An excellent way to prepare the soul and the heart for celebrating Easter this year.

The art featured was originally created by members of Barnard Memorial UMC in the 1980's and is augmented by other visual, auditory or tactile items to aid this inspirational journey to the Cross and the Tomb.



Happy Resurrection Day!!

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Lay Servant "Share Fair" at Holdenville

The LAY SERVANTS of the United Methodist Church (in the Mission Cluster of Holdenville) are cordially invited to attend a fun, informative, and inspiring share time on Saturday, April 2, 11-2 at Barnard Memorial UMC, Holdenville, Oklahoma (8th & Gulf).
Each lay servant, or interested person, is invited to bring ideas they want to share, mission projects that might garner partnerships, and a desire to build one another up in their work as local lay servants in their congregations and communities!
Lay Servants beyond the Holdenville Mission Cluster are welcome to attend by emailing marilynahudson@yahoo.com before March 28, 2016. Or Mail: Marilyn A. Hudson, 1501 S. Oliphant, Holdenville, OK 74848 with names or number attending.
The event will include a simple lunch/brunch, a devotion, some prayer, idea sharing, laughs and fellowship!
Saturday, April 2, 11-2 at Barnard Memorial UMC, Holdenville, Oklahoma (8th & Gulf).