Advent Prayer Week 4

Dear Lord, it is so easy to focus on 'things' at this time of the year. Help us to remember the precious gifts of time, being there with those with love, laughter, and simple fun in each other. Help us to know that no one is ever alone when two or more join together in friendship and that doing for others is always the best gift we can ever give ourselves. We welcome you Lord, once more, into our hearts, our lives, and into all we do.


Advent Prayer Week 3

Dear Lord, We hurry here and run there. We worry about this. We are anxious of that. Lord, slow us down! Let us breathe in your presence and remember that in you there is peace, wholeness and harmony. Lord, let us carry that gift everywhere we go.


CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE (note new time!)

Prepare to welcome the true Spirit of Christmas by joining Barnard Memorial on Christmas Eve. Dec. 24, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.  If away from the area click here to learn about finding other UMC services near you.  Families welcome!

Remember...you are not alone.


Advent Prayer Week 2

Dear Lord, sometimes we are in the dark and find we cannot see very well. We use a flashlight but it only shows us a narrow path and there are many shadows. Help us to carry the lamp of your word and your presence through the darkness. It casts a wide circle of light! Let our light be so bright others come to bask in its glow.


Super Saturday Event for Trustees and Others

The Lake Country District of the Oklahoma United Methodist Church is holding a "super Saturday Event" to provide training and workshops for Children's Outreach and Missions Projects and orientation for individuals serving in the new year on the Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) and the local board of Trustees.

Save the date: Saturday, January 8, 2016 at McAlester First UMC,  1501 S. 13th Street, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501. At the Corner of MacArthur across from the Mike Deak Fields & Walking Track.